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The Project – Route Map

Here are the tasks that we made, at the beginning the newer, what we see in 2012 is in progress. The rest of things are made yet.


Repair of fencing in the entrance area, strengthen door, informal hedge in accordance with permaculture criteria. Spring.

– Start with the garden, step by step. It combines raised beds and orchard mandala. Spring.

– Improving access to fruit trees on slopes. Spring.

Extension of irrigation system. Placing irrigation points by gravity (from the tanks). Summer.

Creation of trails in various parts of the site for easy access. Summer.

Add more compost, now we have one, we want two more at least, distributed at different points of the terrain. Summer.

Repair of hydraulic ram, or building a new one, to facilitate pumping of water. Summer.


Repair of the fence that borders the site. This is to limit the entry of cattle and wild animals. More than 300 meters!

Repair of the access track, we have suffered erosion damage. Winter.

Protection of trunk of fruit trees to prevent wild animals attack (we had several ones). Winter.

Planting more fruit: 2 walnut and 3 hazel .. Winter.

– Changes in the house, mainly repair ceiling leaks and damages in the floor , as well as general cleaning. Finally given a little bit more: painting, doors’ restoration , etc., completed in June. The job was done by the company Arkisoi (see links section) run by my brother, Quique Barahona.

Expand the storage capacity of water in the dry season with the construction of an earth dam, about 7 m3 capacity, made with earth and stone of the place itself and completely by hand, It took 3 days and 2 workers of Arkisoi company, following our instructions. Completed in June.

Installation of two water tanks 1000liters at the highest point of the site, irrigation by gravity, including the creation of a structure that supports them, placement of valves, covering to protect them from sunlight, etc.. Completed in September.

Facilitate the transport of water. Installation of pumping from the dam to tanks, supply from the dam to the house and future garden, supply from the dam to the house for future use of hydropower.

– Installation of drip irrigation for kiwifruit


I began the year incapacitated until the summer (see below). When I finally began in late June I finished the kiwis’ structure.

We did a test tank, repair a small source we have, cutted weeds in the road access, and prepare our first compost.


In winter (February and March) were planted about 35 fruit trees: apples, pears, kiwis, cherries, figs, peaches, persimmons, blueberries, raspberries, currants. Almost all in a fairly steep slope, part of it is a mass of brambles we had to clear first.

On May 1 I went to a Permaculture course on water management and drought, taught by Darren Doherty in Tarragona. After that began to build the structure for kiwifruit (in winter only temporarily planted them,  but need a robust structure).

In summer I went to another course, the PDC (Permaculture Design Course), two-week, which was held in Mallorca, also through Darren Doherty. It is the second I do, I made another in 1994 but wanted to refresh knowledge.

Between October 2009 and June 2010 there was a break in the project due to health problems that prevented me from working, one was a knee bone edema took me several months to heal, during which I could only move on crutches. At that time at least started the blog “Time of Change” (see link list).


We bought the site in May. During the summer we are dedicated to exploring and clearing weeds . We make the road in the fall. Once we finished closing the fence at the entrance because 25 m were unfenced. We also builded a gateway about 5m wide, divided into two parts of 2.5 m each.

Taking advantage of the earthworks to create the way, we removed roots of brambles and nettles and prepare the land that was in seasoning in the fall, we planted alfalfa, clover and grass, in different proportions to see the result.

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