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The Project – Future Development

Here we include several projects that we will develop some day (maybe). Depend on the time that we have, level of knowledge or skills, budget…Perhaps never will come true, but is in mind to make them.

– Creating swales with fruit trees and legumes’ wall, separating areas for cultivation according to the technique of “alley cropping” with a maximum of 4 rows (in our site don’t have more space)

– Creation of aromatic area taking advantage of a slope next to the house and very sunny.

Successive planting of species attending to diversity and seeking as much as possible, local species. Experimenting with non-food uses plants as oil, medicine, fiber, etc..

Creation of several ponds on the site, trying to communicate with each other, they will be added to the earth dam that we already have made. Inspired by the experience of Sepp Holzer.

– Construction of Rocket Stoves.

Small hydropower installation , the supply of water is made yet, with a jump of 10 m at a distance of 80 m. Involves the manual construction of the turbine as well as coupling an electric engine that we will recycle, we have several sizes, we need to test them and choose the engine that fits better.

– Construction of solar water heating panel, which connects to a mains already installed on the house.

– Experimentation with Jean Pain method, with a particular application, heating of the vegetable garden to successfully overcome the cold of winter.

– Design and creation of a small electric tractor, with the size of a quad, to carry loads and make certain agricultural tasks.

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